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Seloguardo provides high security self storage rental services in Madrid since 2009.
Created for self storage rental, now we also have office rental, companies domiciliation and even packing shop.
Nowadays, we have more than 800 storage rooms in our establishment located in Leganés. Modern facilities, with access 365 days a year, without humidity and daily cleaning.


Our safe and secure self storage facilities are based in Polígono Prado Overa, Leganés, Madrid, in an unbeatable location near center of Madrid.
We invite you to visit our office and see first-hand our facilities.


camara vigilancia 24 horasInsurance & security

Security is our main priority and, therefore, our facilities have secure access with a personal card and we have video surveillance cameras and a 24-hour security guard.
Seloguardo includes in the price an insurance for its storage of € 1,000 per m2. This cover does not protect jewelry, money and valuables, but you can extend the insurance.

What is a warehouse width and height?

Whether you are looking to store household goods, sports equipment, office and bar furniture, moving furniture …  Seloguardo have any self storage available always of all the measures.
From 1m2 to the space you need and all with 3 meters of height.

Duration for rental

If you would need to find proper storage for a month, month and ten days or indefinilety…. here you have your company of Self Storage rental in Madrid without commitments of permanence, we only require 1 month of contract, the rest, what you need. There is no limit to how long you stay.
Offer: for long term rental we make a 10% discount if you pay for 1 full year.

Affordable Storage in Madrid

We are the cheapest storage space in Madrid.
Our prices range from 20€ per month and we garantee your monthly instalment during two years!

Trying to find self storage in your area?
You are moving, looking for a home storage solution, or have business storage needs?

Self storage space can be needed for a lot of purposes.
It could be required for points such as craft storage, additional house area storage, college storage space, storing the individual belongings of a loved one that has recently died, physical fitness tools, and much more.

We have a storage solution for you!

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